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Based on the Protocol of Cooperation between the Museum of Genocide Victims and the Institute for Serbian Culture Nikšić, a tribune was held at the Polimski Museum Gallery in Berane. Dr. Veljko Djuric Mišina spoke about the activities and plans of the Museum of Genocide Victims.In turn, Dr. Budimir Aleksić spoke about the cooperation between the two institutions, while Dr. Vasilije Jovović talked at length about the genocide in the village of Velikaexecuted on July 28, 1944, by the members of the 21st SS Division Skenderbeg. Dr. Jovović had a text publised on this topic in the Yearbook for the Investigation of Genocide, No. 10 for the year 2018, which kick-started the cooperation between the Institute for Serbian Culture Nikšić and our Museum.

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