18 08 2018

First visit, 10 days long, to the Hilandar Monastery (Mount Athos, Greece) was in summer of 1985, when I was curator of the Historical Museum of Serbia and member of the special group of museology experts for processing and cataloging artifacts.

Today, after 33 years, in the capacity of the Director of Museum of Genocide Victims, I have visited again this Serbian holy place. Reason for this visit was conversation about and agreement on mutually beneficial cooperation which will be of great use for the Serbian culture as well as for the cultures of other Orthodox nations; foremost Russian.

18 08 2018 001

During the two-day visit, I have visited Monastery’s Museum exhibition, Archive and Library.

After donating the modest contribution to their Library, I had opportunity to present the Museum of Genocide Victims, its activities and plans, to talk about its cooperation with Serbian Orthodox Church, particularly with the Archive and Jasenovac Committee of the Serbian Orthodox Church. On the other hand, my hosts were interested in certain topics from the history of suffering of Serbian people and in their culture of remembrance.

18 08 2018 002

At the end of my visit, Monastery fraternity has sent me off to Belgrade with valuable presents and promise of new meeting in the near future, as it is customary for Serbian hosts.

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