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Museum of Genocide Victims is in process of creating a collection of paintings and artifacts which by their contents remind us of grave war crimes and killing sites. This collection should serve as a modest contribution to the memory on great woes and, at the same time, as a warning so we could prevent their repeating. Authors of the collection’s items are – all of them prominent Serbian artists – additional value to it.

Part of the collection – fifteen paintings which are exhibited as ‘Scars of grave crimes’ – hasalready toured 30 cities across Republic of Serbia and Republic of Srpska (from Belgrade, through Bijeljina to Banja Luka, from Trebinje to Višegrad).

Our exhibition in Višegrad was opportunity for us to visit, in the company of father Dragan Vukotić, Stari Brod – place of great suffering on Drina River during the March of 1942. Afterwards, we had a discussion with prominent representatives of Višegrad City on the need for memorialization of great tragedies of Serbs from this region during the XX century by building a memorial complex within Andrićgrad.

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