23 11 2018

In September, President of Museum’s Steering Committee, His Grace Bishop Jovan of Slavonia and Dr. William Taylor, Reverend Canon of St. John’s Notting Hill Church and president of Anglican and Eastern Churches Association, have agreed that, within annual program ‘Constantinople lectures’, His Grace hold a lecture on New Martyrs of Jasenovac.

His Grace proposed to the Museum that, within aforementioned program, prepare and present exhibition under the title ‘Suffering of children in Independent State of Croatia – Concentration camp Jasenovac’.

For us, this was exceptionally important and unique opportunity! Using the materials from our Documentation center, we have prepared the exhibition. Of great help were, regarding the graphic and technical aspects of exhibition primarily, two experts from Historical Museum of Serbia, Ms. Izabela Martinov Tomović and Ms. Slađana Bojković. Ministry of Foreign Affairs has provided its help with the transportation of materials.

His Grace Bishop Jovan has held His lecture which was followed by opening of the exhibition. Priests of Serbian Orthodox Church in London, Fr. Goran Spaić and Fr. Zlatko Milovanović, have assisted His Grace with the opening.

Our hosts have promised their support when it comes to presenting this modest yet valuable exhibition at other temples of Anglican Church in London. This great honor gives us the reason to claim that we are first Serbian institution, from sector of culture, which was hosted by Anglican Church and in opportunity to present Serbian view on the great tragedy which affected Serbian people, especially children, in Independent State of Croatia from 1941 until 1945.



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